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About Molly

Molly Goodwin is an intuitive and medium dedicated to empowering and supporting individuals on their healing journey. With over 10 years of experience, Molly has honed her skills in metaphysical techniques, embodiment work, and mindfulness practices. She possesses a natural ability to sense energies from both people and the spirit world, providing her clients with unique insights and guidance.


At the age of 20, Molly began seeing a therapist to address her clinical depression and anxiety. It was during these sessions that her therapist recognized Molly's intuitive abilities, teaching her how to harness her skills as a tool for healing and self-discovery. Molly creates a safe and nurturing space for her clients, helping them understand their minds, bodies, and spirits, and discover the healing power of their intuition. Her personal journey has shown her that there are many sensitive individuals in the world who may not be aware of this aspect of themselves.


She is passionate about helping clients who share similar stories, individuals who are empathic and sensitive, and who are interested in using their intuition to create fulfilling relationships with themselves and the world around them.


Dedicated to continued learning, Molly integrates new knowledge and modalities into her practice to ensure the best possible support for her clients.


Joanne A.

I have gotten so much from all of our sessions, each one helping me to live a better/ easy/ happier/ calm life... She has really helped me change my life in a positive way and for that I am forever grateful.

Gab D.

Molly has a beautiful, nurturing and kind spirit which I felt throughout our session.  I left the session not only feeling connected to a wonderful person on the other side of the world, but connected to myself and confident that life is in fact on the right path. I would highly recommend Molly. I am looking forward to my next session already.

Karey I.

I have worked with Molly several times over the past few years.  Being new to this, I was unsure what to expect, but I found her very calm and kind which made me very comfortable right away. The insights I have gained through working with her have been very comforting and insightful – she has helped me focus on my life priorities.  I would highly recommend Molly to anyone.

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